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About us

Our main asset is our staff with years of experience, high qualification and motivation, who know our customers and their needs, as well as the respective local conditions, exactly. Our entire team is there for you and 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

The personnel structure of our company ensures that always the same qualified persons work on the same jobs. Our employees / interior are characterized by their flexibility, mobility, and by quality-conscious thinking and acting.

We conduct regular internal training for environmentally friendly behavior through the workplace. Our employees are familiar with the accident prevention regulations.

Our workforce is Z.z. 120-150 highly qualified employees in Germany; they are familiar with all the resources of modern quality assurance and have certificates among others in ultrasonic testing (UT1), eddy current testing, X-ray inspection and dye penetrant testing). Several staff members are qualified for Magnetic Particle Testing (MT – 1 + MT – 2 certificates).